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Our full-service creative agency has always been at the forefront of embracing technology and the latest marketing trends. Our new division, Copy & Art AI, can bring our clients’ marketing to the next level. We offer varying levels of support in different areas to provide your business exactly what it needs to leverage the power of AI.


Copy & Art adds the human element to an AI strategy. Our multidimensional mastery of marketing and creative services ensures that all AI-generated output is finessed, edited and molded into a comprehensive strategy for our clients taking the AI plunge with us. 

Dynamic Service Solutions

Data-Driven Market
Insights & Research

Data-Driven Market Insights & Research

Take advantage of the rich information available through AI to provide your business with analytics regarding your industry, competitors, geographic area, and/or other areas. Your SWOT analysis, product positioning and marketing mix are thoroughly thought-out based on data derived from AI sources and finessed by our marketing experts.

Creative Development

Creative Development

AI can provide a variety of design options for your marketing tactics. Our expert graphic designers then narrow down the options and make tweaks to ensure your brand guidelines and image are clearly reflected in all pieces.

Content Creation

Content Creation

AI-produced copy enables organizations to turn out marketing pieces quickly and consistently, and tailor the copy to specific audiences. Our copy team evaluates and edits AI-generated copy to ensure that the right message is being communicated to your target market.

Digital Monitoring & Predictive Analytics

Digital Marketing Monitoring & Predictive Analytics

AI takes the guesswork out of how your digital marketing campaigns performed. We use AI data as a starting point, and then our experienced marketing team analyzes the effectiveness and performance and recommends appropriate next steps based on the wealth of data culled from AI sources.

Pricing tailored to your needs

Copy & Art.AI offers project-based pricing for clients looking for specific deliverables with transparent and upfront costs tailored to the project scope. For clients who want ongoing AI marketing support and access to multiple Copy & Art.AI offerings on a consistent basis, we offer monthly pricing options starting at $8,500 per month.

The answers to your top 5 questions

Although many people fear AI taking over, our intention is to promote a collaborative approach where we can embrace AI as a powerful tool and work alongside it to shape a better future.

Our creative agency stands out by harnessing the power of AI to deliver innovative and data-driven solutions. We combine cutting-edge technology with human creativity to create campaigns that are both strategic and captivating.

AI empowers our agency to analyze vast amounts of data, identify trends, and extract valuable insights. This allows us to make informed decisions, optimize campaigns in real-time, and create personalized experiences that resonate with target audiences.

AI is a powerful tool that complements human creativity, but it doesn’t replace it. Our agency believes in the synergy between technology and human ingenuity. While AI helps us streamline processes and generate insights, it is the human touch that brings emotions, intuition, and unique perspectives to our creative work.

Ethics and responsibility are paramount in our agency’s AI implementation. We have strict guidelines and protocols in place to ensure transparency, fairness, and privacy. We are committed to using AI in a way that respects user consent, safeguards data, and avoids perpetuating biases or discrimination.

Absolutely! Our AI-powered creative services are designed to be scalable and adaptable, catering to businesses of all sizes. By leveraging AI, we can offer cost-effective solutions, precise targeting, and data-driven insights that can help smaller businesses compete effectively in the digital landscape.

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